Why Fruit World

Looking For Fresh? How Fresh is Fruit World?

Fresh - really fresh! 

The fresher the fruit, the higher the nutrients

  • From fields to shelves within hours, not days!
  • Farm fresh and sent to stores daily

Did you know that vegetables lose between 15% and 77% of their vitamin C within the first week of harvest? Sadly, the longer they’re kept in storage, the less nutrients they’ll contain. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting the most nutrients out of fresh produce. Fruit World wants to ensure your fruit and vegetables are jam packed full of goodness, so we move fast!  

While New Zealand sleeps, our buyers are busy doing what they do best - selecting only the finest, freshly harvested produce. That’s how we ensure our fruit and vegetables reach stores in time for you to get the most nutritional value from them.

The Fruit World Way
From Farm Gates To Stores, Daily

From Farm Gates To Stores, Daily

So how do we compare?

Some fruit and vegetables take days or even weeks to reach the consumer. And each day they sit in storage, the more nutrients they lose. 

The Other Way

Comparison between Fruit World and Other Way