Our Store Managers

Meet some of our Store Owners

You’d be hard pressed to find a better bunch of green grocers than those at Fruit World.  We’re like peas in a pod in our quest for the best quality produce. 

Meet some of our Store Owners and learn why you can’t ‘beet’ Fruit World. From markets to stores in just a few hours, our fruit and vegetables are truly the freshest you can buy, with absolutely no ‘has beans’ on our shelves (pardon the punnet!)

We know we run the risk of sounding corny, but it’s true - we’re absolutely devoted to our local communities and providing them with the freshest, tastiest, nutrient rich fruit and vegetables. 

Fruit World Hobsonville

James and Linda

We don’t just range the ‘stock standard’. When you shop with us, you experience varieties not rea...

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Fruit World New Lynn

Jatin & Komal

Fruit World has five of the most experienced fresh produce buyers in NZ, and quite possibly the w...

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Fruit World Silverdale


It really is a wonderful shopping experience. They love the consistency of freshness too - we nev...

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Fruit World Ponsonby


Our fruit and vegetables are always the biggest - in some cases twice the size! So if you're payi...

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Fruit World Takanini

Johnny and Kim

Fresh produce is integral to our success - it’s what our customers want, and it’s our point of di...

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Fruit World Howick

Jack and Sophie

I also get a buzz out of the size of some of our fruit and vegetables - like right now we have th...

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