Fruit World Silverdale



Store owner

Part of the Fruit World Family for - 17 years

Chose to be part of Fruit World because -

Of their philosophy to supply the best quality produce available, and the strength of the brand. The ability to work on a larger scale with other stores also affords us greater buying power, so we can offer greater value to our customers.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I'm passionate about providing our customers with the best quality fruit and vegetables possible. I take pride in being able to offer our local community the very best produce, and I love it that customers are so happy with the quality.

What surprises customers the most about Fruit World?  

The quality, friendly staff that love what they do and varieties they can’t find in other places - or didn’t even know existed before shopping with us! 

What do customers tell you they like about shopping at Fruit World? 

The fresh and beautiful fruit and vegetables. It really is a wonderful shopping experience. They love the consistency of freshness too - we never have ‘off days’, as fruit and vegetables are delivered fresh daily. 

What's your favourite fruit or vegetable and why? 

Apples, they’re great for keeping the doctor away! But also, you can experience so many different flavours and textures. 

What changes have you noticed in our fruit and vegetable eating habits over the last few years?   

People today are more willing to experiment with new flavours and textures, and try different spices. We range exceptional quality grocery items too, to help enhance their culinary experiences! 

Enjoy nature's pallet at its fullest and finest - shop with Fruit World.