Fruit World Hobsonville

James and Linda

Store owners

Part of the Fruit World Family for - 13 years

Chose to be part of Fruit World because -

Fruit World is renowned for the highest quality fresh fruit! We wanted to be part of a strong brand with an excellent management team that shared our passion for freshness!

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

When our customers are thankful for quality fruit! It feels good to make our customers happy. 

What surprises customers the most about Fruit World?  

Freshness,variety and quality. It’s quite a different shopping experience - in a good way! 

What do customers tell you they like about shopping at Fruit World? 

They can’t get over how fresh our produce is! It looks fresh, feels fresh, sounds fresh, smells fresh and tastes fresh. You really do experience the difference with every one of your senses!

They love the choice too. We don’t just range the ‘stock standard’. When you shop with us, you experience varieties not readily available elsewhere. 

What's your favourite fruit or vegetable and why? 

The Australian Mango, for it’s sweet flavour. 

What changes have you noticed in our fruit and vegetable eating habits over the last few years?   

Fruit World is introducing customers to new varieties, tastes and experiences!


Enjoy nature's pallet at its fullest and finest - shop with Fruit World.