Fruit World New Lynn



Jatin and Komal

Store owners

Part of the Fruit World Family for - 21 years

Chose to be part of Fruit World because -

Fruit World has five of the most experienced fresh produce buyers in NZ, and quite possibly the world! We wanted to have confidence that the fruit and vegetables we were selling were of the highest quality, as our success and customer satisfaction depends on it. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Setting up the shop each day with the beautiful fruit colours, variety and quality. 

What surprises customers the most about Fruit World?  

The colourful, vibrant display of fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s a great way to welcome our customers. It’s a beautiful place to shop. 

What's your favourite fruit or vegetable and why? 

Bittermelon, it contains powerful antioxidants that some claim have cancer fighting properties, lower cholesterol and reduce blood sugar.

What changes have you noticed in our fruit and vegetable eating habits over the last few years?   

Kiwi's are getting more adventurous and trying exotic fruits!

Enjoy nature's pallet at its fullest and finest - shop with Fruit World.