Fruit World Ponsonby


Store owner

Part of the Fruit World Family for - Over 17 years

Chose to be part of Fruit World because -

The strength of the brand. I wanted to be a part of a Company that was renowned for its quality, range and freshness! 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

There is always something to do in produce! Days are fast and always different. I get a buzz out of being around lots of happy customers that enjoy fruit and veg as much as I do. 

What surprises customers the most about Fruit World?  

How fresh and good looking our produce is!

What do customers tell you they like about shopping at Fruit World? 

Quality, freshness and price is competitive. Our fruit and vegetables are always the biggest - in some cases twice the size! (Insert picture of broccoli here!) So if you're paying by the item, you’re sure to get great value with us. 

What's your favourite fruit or vegetable and why? 

Watermelon and broccoli.  Watermelon is crisp and crunchy. Broccoli is high in iron and tastes great in stir frys.

What changes have you noticed in our fruit and vegetable eating habits over the last few years?   

People are more health conscious today, so they’re trying nutritious rich produce like kale. They’re more willing to try new vegetables because they want to get the most vitamins and minerals that they can.


Enjoy nature's pallet at its fullest and finest - shop with Fruit World.