Potatoes South Island Golden Gourmet Trio/Duets (1.5kg Box)


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We designed our Baby Trio of Gourmets for the potato connoisseur. Now, kiwis looking to wow their family or dinner guests need look no further. Check out this fancy yet effortless trio! Treat yourself to a selection of Golden Gourmets, Special Reds and our tasty Purple Hearts. Perfect for roasting, boiling and salading, this trio can work effortlessly as an addition to your lunch or dinner, but be warned! These bad boys are so tasty there often aren’t any leftovers.

At Oakley’s, we believe that you should only eat the freshest, tastiest and best quality produce bursting with vitamins and minerals. Naturally gluten-free, these spuds are a nutritional goldmine. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and folate boosts energy. Packed with fibre, these spuds will improve your digestive health. Niacin and potassium provide the perfect nutrition for growing kids.