Dill Leaves 20g


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Ingredients: Dill leaves are actually the dried leaves of the dillweed, a tall, feathery annual of the parsley, cumin family. The word comes from “dylle” (old Norse) meaning "to lull" because it was used to lull babies to sleep.( It is an active ingredient in baby’s Gripe Water). Dill oil’s anti-bactericidal properties caused Ancient Roman soldiers to place burned dill seeds on their wounds and considered it a good luck symbol. 

Dill is used to flavour many dishes such as salads, vegetables, meats, soups, sauces, and pickling.

Dill Leaf flavour is clean, sweet and aromatic, slightly pungent and camphorous, and intermediate between anise, celery and caraway, but is weaker and less pungent than dill seed. Dill Leaves are good sprinkled over casseroles before baking, in breads (esp. Rye breads like caraway), stews, salad dressings and herb flavoured vinegars. It is also used to flavour lentil, rice and bean dishes and is especially good on potatoes. Dill is also very rich in minerals (esp. Calcium), vitamin C and flavanoids.