Our Story

From Farm Gates to Stores Daily

Early each morning, while the rest of New Zealand sleeps, Fruit World buyers are busy doing what they do best - selecting only the finest, freshly harvested produce brought to markets from farms all over the county. 

That’s where you’ll find Fruit World Founder, Ronald Chan - examining, scrutinising and selecting the best quality produce New Zealand has to offer.  And Chan is an expert in his field!  He’s been in the fruit and veggie trade since first working in his father’s Auckland fruit shop at age 13, after immigrating to New Zealand with his family in 1949. 

Chan founded Fruit World in 2001 and the franchise has grown exponentially from seven stores to include 19 stores in the North Island, and is the largest, independent franchisee green grocer store in New Zealand.  Yet at a time when most octogenarians would be taking it easy, Chan continues to be committed to the industry – a commitment which was recognised in 2009, when he received the Insignia of an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to business.   

And now more than seven decades after first working in his father’s shop, Chan continues to be dedicated to buying the finest possible produce he can find at a market.  His mantra is simple: “We’ve got to be better, cheaper and fresher - that’s how we ensure only the very best makes its way to our Fruit World shops”.  

So when you shop at Fruit World, you’re not just buying your weekly fruit and veg – you’re tapping into the very foundations Fruit World rests upon - expertise, enthusiasm and a whole lot of energy, ensuring you receive only the freshest, finest possible produce, chosen especially for you, our valued Fruit World customers. 


Our commitment to you is FARM FRESH

When you enter a Fruit World store, you are entering a world of farm fresh.  Our stores connect you with produce which has come directly from the farm gate; hand selected by the Fruit World team of experts, like big Jack and little Jack, Charlie and his old mate young Charlie, and Ronnie, our founder.

Early every morning - and we mean early - when New Zealand’s finest arrives at the markets, that’s where you’ll find our team – examining, scrutinising, getting a feel for and even ‘sniffing out’ the freshest and finest quality produce straight from farms all across our fine country.  And if you could hear our experts ‘buying  fresh’, it might sound something like:

“Hawkes Bay apples today?  Or these from Central Otago are looking mighty fine! Here are some little beauties just in overnight  from down south, or these, straight off the farm from Pukekohe …”

The Fruit World brand is authentic, relatable and importantly, it’s Kiwi.  Picked, packed and presented in stores within hours - not days.  By shopping at your local Fruit World , you tap into our passion for fresh - optimal nutritional value, from the farm gate, straight to your dinner plate!

Enjoy nature's pallet at its fullest and finest - shop with Fruit World.