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White Chocolate Blondie-

So many people tell us that they have never tried a Blondie before. So what IS a blondie? The white chocolate cousin of the Brownie!
It's a totally delicious, buttery, almost caramel flavour bomb that will get you hooked for sure. "My absolute favourite. I can STILL never say no to a blondie. I will guarantee you will love this as much as I do...and I'm not even a huge white chocolate lover!" Co owner Clare Gallagher

Secret Kiwi Kitchen is an artisan baking company launched in 2020 by Clare Gallagher
and Lulu Taylor.
“We’re really proud of Secret Kiwi Kitchen and the products we offer. We pour our heart
and soul into every product we make and believe people can taste the difference when
something is made with love.
“We believe a naughty indulgence doesn’t have to have nasty chemicals and nameless
ingredients. We make our products with the best New Zealand and international sourced
ingredients. Our quality ingredients like Dutch cocoa all have clear supply chains, our
coconut is without sulphites, and we use natural vegetable dyes instead of chemicals.