Salt Flakes 100g


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Ingredients: Salt flakes are a category of salt characterized by their dry, plate-like crystals.  Salt flakes may occur naturally but can also be produced by a variety of methods, including boiling brine (salt & water or sea water) over metal salt pans or evaporating it in greenhouse solar evaporators.

The technologies used as well as atmospheric conditions can yield varying crystal structures such as irregular shavings, pyramidal shapes, boxes, or potato chip-like laminated crystals. Although these salts tend to have lower trace mineral content than other salts, this quality imparts a stronger salty taste. Most form as thin, flattened out crystals with a large surface area and low mass that give them a crunchy texture and relatively fast dissolution rate. Because of the salts' delicate structures, people tend to use them as finishing salts (any salt you put on food after it is prepared).