Potato Flakes 500g


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Ingredients: Instant mashed potatoes are made by prior peeling, cooking and mashing potatoes, then drying them into flakes to yield a packaged convenience food that can be reconstituted in seconds by adding hot water (or milk). Instant mashed potatoes are nutritionally similar to mashed fresh potatoes; about two-thirds starch by dry weight, but with smaller amounts of protein, dietary fibre, and vitamins.

The largest difference is a 40% loss of vitamin C by flaking. These flakes are made from 100% natural Russet potatoes, and are a source of B vitamins and protein. While mashed potatoes can be reconstituted from potato flour, the process is made more difficult by lumping; these potato flakes eliminate the lumping. Blend with hot water to make mashed potatoes, or use in yeast breads. Good for 2 years storage if stored in a cool dry place.