Mustard Flour Hot 100g


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Ingredients: Mustard Flour HOT - Just Add Water! Mustard Flour is ground from ‘Yellow and Oriental’ yellow mustard seed variety, with the bran removed. To prepare, just add water and allow it to sit for about ten minutes. It has a mild aroma and a hot flavour. (After about an hour the pungency declines unless some sort of food acid, like vinegar, is added. Commercially prepared mustards have turmeric added for colouring). Mustard should be added near the end of cooking or it will tend to vanish.

Mustard is a nutritious food containing 28% - 36% protein, and 28 - 36% oil, of which about 40% is Erucic acid. Tocopherols present help to protect the oil from rancidity, thus prolonging shelf life. Mustard flour is used world wide as an ingredient in mayonnaise, salad dressings, salad creams, batters, coatings, BBQ sauces etc. Suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Packed in a factory that packs milk, wheat, and nuts.