Horseradish Root Powder 50g


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  Ingredients: Horseradish Powder. Horseradish is a member of the mustard family and is cultivated for its thick, fleshy, white roots. Radish comes from Latin Radix - a root, and is called Horse radish because it is a large coarse radish, different from the regular, edible radish. Horseradish’s flavour does not come out until the root is grated, and its hot, volatile oils are released and then begins an enzymatic action where glycoside sinigrin reacts with the volatile oils and is capable of bringing tears to your eyes if inhaled. This gives its hot, sharp, spicy flavour.

Powdered horseradish root is reconstituted with water (allow time for the full flavour to develop) or sprinkled like a spice, and used to flavour a variety of horseradish sauces, food toppings, and similar condiments on fish, meat, tongue, oysters, potatoes etc. It is similar to Japanese wasabi, and makes a zesty addition to party dips, sour cream and sauces. Packed in a factory that packs milk, wheat, and nuts.