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  Ingredients:- Figs - Dried. These Turkish Figs are Preservative Free, sun dried, then washed, dipped in brine, re-dried and hand shaped (“Lerida” means ‘flattened into a disk by hand’). As Figs dry, sugars in the fruit crystallize on the surface giving a white frosty appearance. This is natural and preserves the fruit, for Figs are almost 50% sugar. (Added Preservatives such as sulfites or potassium sorbate inhibit this, and allow the fruit to retain up to 30% more water, giving you less value for money. These natural, additive-free figs contain less water, their flavour and nutrients are more concentrated and they give you up to 30% more fruit for your money.

Figs have the highest fibre and mineral content of all common fruits, nuts or vegetables. 80% higher in Potassium than bananas, Figs are very easy to digest. High in Calcium, (second only to citrus fruits), Figs have more calcium by weight, than skim milk. Figs are high in Anti-oxidant Polyphenols and have more Iron than any other common fruit. They are extremely high in magnesium! All this for 20-40 calories per fig.Packed in a factory that packs milk, wheat, and nuts.