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These are of the Mini cucumber variety, namely Cocktail cucumbers. They are a smooth uniform fruit, 9-11cm long with an excellent sweet flavor. These refreshing seedless Snack Cucs . They come in ready packs of 5 and are handy for children's lunch boxes and on-the-run.

They're delicious raw and a healthy snack to take to work or the beach. Elderly may find these easy to eat and prepare due to their small size. Like Telegraph cucumbers these can be enjoyed fresh (just wash first) or simply chop up and add to entrees, salads or stir-fry dishes.

Perfect also for dips and enjoyed on crackers, wraps and bread.

Snack Cucs have a mild tender skin that does not require peeling.

Snack Cucs mini seedless cucumbers are sweet and flavoursome...and are different from Lebanese cucumbers.

Try Snac Cucs today for a healthy refreshing change!