Celery Salt 100g


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Ingredients: Sea Salt, Ground Celery Seed (from Fr. céleri, from Gk. Selinon). A plant belonging to the carrot & parsley family, free-flow agent 551 (Silicon Dioxide). When added to salt, celery adds a penetrating, savoury flavour, and is used as a seasoning in cocktails, sauces, soups, etc., and will enhance just about any dish you would ordinarily salt.

Celery is one of three essential vegetables in Louisiana Creole and Cajun cuisine. Sprinkle a little celery salt on pork roast, beef roast, vegetables, tomato, coleslaw, devilled eggs, chicken, macaroni, potato or tuna salads or vegetable juices. Rim your glasses with celery salt to make a killer Bloody Mary.